Ignoring It Is Just As Bad As Supporting It

[I do not own any rights to the following photographs from Saturday's terrorist attack] Today’s post is written with a heavy-laden heart. As I look out into the world that we live in and the harsh realities we face, my soul is burdened. In the year 2017, hate and bigotry continues to live and thrive. [...]

Meet The Daughtdrill’s: 10 Fun Facts About Us

It’s Love and Marriage Week here on The Destiny Dive and I am so super excited about it! With only 5 days away from our one year wedding anniversary, I have decided to dedicate this week to everything love and marriage! To kick off this week’s posts I thought it would be cool to share [...]

Inspiration In Human Form: Jasmine McKenzie

Hey divers! Today I am so excited because I am doing yet another Inspiration in Human Form highlight! I love to see millennials, and people in general for that matter, succeeding and walking in their destiny! Today's highlight is no different. Jasmine McKenzie is the founder and CEO of Jazz Beauty Bar LLC, an online hair [...]

Be Humble: It’s Part of the Process

Happy Tuesday divers! I am so excited and humbled to be writing this post for you guys today! Over the weekend, I received the Top Blogger Award, which is a Blogger’s Recognition Award for publishing two outstanding articles on The Destiny Dive. As a new blogger, I make it my business to connect with other [...]

Give Up To Be Successful

When we talk about success and chasing destiny we always here about consistency, dedication, and an underlying message of not giving up. Now yes, you should most definitely be consistent and dedicated, because without these two qualities, you are setting yourself up for failure. But there are times when you should actually give up to [...]


PEOPLE LET ME TELL YOU ‘BOUT MY BEST FRIEND!! Eincia “Meme” Atkins has been my best friend since the 4th grade, and these past 18 plus years have been nothing short of amazing! Since today is her birthday, it is only right that I highlight her on The Destiny Dive! Eincia (pronounced E-N-C-yah) and I [...]